eQuator platform

The eQuator (external Quality monitor) platform is a service for remote monitoring of the parts quality. After connecting to the platform you will always be aware of the real state of quality through daily reports or SMS notifications.

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You should connect to eQuator if:

  • You are really concerned about the quality of your products and you want to get up-to-date information about the quality state.
  • You are ready to manage quality, but you do not have a budget for expensive measuring equipment and software for analysis. In this case, we will provide everything you need for rent.
  • You have everything for quality management, but for some reason nothing happens. For example, parts are not measured or are measured incorrectly. Or reports are not created and there is no general understanding of quality state.

Quick and budget start in quality management

There are no capital expenditures, you only pay a monthly fee. The amount of the monthly fee depends only on the number of dimesnions being measured and where they are measured.
Outsourced specialists
You don't need to search for and train specialists. Our team of engineers and analysts does everything for you.
Quick connection and work start
Connecting to the platform is fast, within a day. Without labor-intensive implementation into the internal IT structure of the enterprise.

Daily information about the quality state on your smartphone

Regardless of who, where and how checks the quality: controllers in the Quality Department using calibrations or specialists on the CMM in the laboratory, the eQuator (external Quality monitor) platform makes it possible to receive daily reports on the quality state, as well as instant online notifications about the defects.

The daily report shows which part was measured, where and how many times; how many measurements were approved and how many dimensions are outside the margin tolerance.

See a daily report example
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How eQuator works

1. Measuring

Your operator measures parts on measuring system or with hand gages.

2. Measuring results

The measurement results are uploaded to the data collection server that is located at the measurement site. The server is not connected to your network, and the mobile Internet is enough for it.

3. Instant alerts about defects (option)

The approved list of managers immediately receives information about each case of defects.

4. Analysis and reports creation

We continuously analyze measurement results and generate reports.

5. Reports sending

You get a daily report that shows you how many parts were measured over the past day, and what number of dimensions are beyond the margin tolerance.

How to start using the platform

To connect to eQuator and start receiving quality reports you need to provide us with the following information:

  • names of parts that should be monitored for quality
  • what dimensions should be monitored on these parts
  • place of measurement (factory workshop, laboratory, ...)
  • measurement tools (name, ability to export measurment data)
  • lists of recipients of the daily reports and instant alerts about crap

Step 1. Fill the table

Add all neccessary information about parts, dimensions, measuring places to excel-sheet.

Шаг 2. Send us the table

Send filled table to eqm@technopolice.ru.